«The 2 appointments I had (once per year) were really great. Not only did I feel extremely comfortable, but also your approach, your sensitivity and the great advice I got, guided me well to choose the right way. Thanks a lot and hope to see you soon again.»

Ana G., Zurich

«A heartfelt thank-you for the sitting. A lot of the information is helping me to find my direction and make choices.»

Martin S., Lenzburg

«The session has given me deep and clear insight and opened up new ways. With thanks, I am happy to call Isabelle my spiritual guide.»

Andrea W., Küttigen

«The workshop with Isabelle Egger was rich, eventful, animating and touching. There was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just encouragement where needed. Isabelle supports in a caring and powerful way with a resourceful approach. An authentic and competent teacher with a lot of heart. I recommend her fully!»

Nicole M., Lucern

«Personal training with Isabelle Egger was an enriching experience thanks to the individual feedback and focussed assistance I got.»

Antonella H., Aarau

«I was surprised by the precision and depth of what was said. Inner truths, which I had, until that point, only shared with one person, were addressed. This moved me deeply and has given me the courage and strength to continue along my own path. At the same time, my present life decisions were clearly acknowledged and supported. Thank you Isabelle - your work is wonderful!»

Tina L, Zurich

«A real privilege to experience such a workshop. Even as a beginner I had the feeling of being as important as everybody else. I will participate again next time.»

Petra E., Stüsslingen

«Many thanks for the soothing treatment and mediumistic sitting. It has given me a great lift and I feel physically better.»

Ursula S., Oberentfelden

«I gained more clarity for my life’s path. The sitting was enjoyable and supportive. Big thank you.»

Gabrielle A., Wallisellen

«Isabelle Egger connects with her clients in a calm and kind way. Absolutely recommendable.»

Maya G., Amriswil

«Isabelle touches me with her honesty, openness and warmth. She is a fantastic medium and I am impressed by her precise descriptions, clear evidence and support. She creates a calm, safe space in a short time; one where you feel secure. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart!»

Nicole H., Aarau

«Every circle evening is an enrichment for me. Each time I go home energised, happy and full of love. I have finally arrived!»

Nadia Z., Kirchleerau

«Many thanks for the sensitive guidance. It was delivered with mindful words and reached a particular depth. Your words have remained with me.»

Katja H., Freiburg (D)

«The guidance was really fascinating. Mrs Egger made me aware of quite a lot that had previously been buried. I gained clarity and strength through this.»

Doris H., Zurich

«After some days a weight has been lifted. Isabelle Egger provided me with useful advice in a difficult life situation.»

Thomas Sch., Wegenstetten

«The personal training session was a beautiful experience. There was a lot space for individual imput. I am looking forward to more!»

Martin A., Winterthur

«Isabelle Egger’s helpful guidance is expressed in a concise, accurate and empathetic way. Thanks for the great sitting!»

Frauke A., Mühlheim an der Donau (D)

«Isabelle Egger is a warm and kind person with a great talent for conveying messages from their source. A priceless gift.»

Manuela H., Widnau

«The guidance was really fascinating. Isabelle Egger made me aware of quite a lot that had previously been buried. I gained clarity and strength through this.»

Doris H., Zurich

«Thank you for an amazing 1:1-sitting. So accurate and caring. Really an extraordinary ability to share. I went home happy, uplifted and positive.»

Lilo I., Basel