September 10 – 15, 2021 – “Experience your way of Spirituality and Mediumship”
Intense days on the Herzberg (close to Aarau)

Treat yourself to some time out in a uniquely rural setting and discover ethereal connections in an oasis of calm. As well as interesting workshops on spirituality, mediality and trance, the early bird can also start the day off with some morning yoga. Enjoying an evening drink, night owls and stargazers can bring the day to a pleasurable close.

The following mediums will work on specific subjects with a group of maximum 20 people each:
Colin Bates“Where two worlds meet – an exploration of the natural Trance States and Trance Healing” (held in English with German translation)
Tim AbbottThe Depth of Evidence with in your Mediusmship and Plattform Work” (held in English with German translation)

When you register, choose your main subject and medium and you can still get to know the other teachers in the course of an afternoon lesson. A whole palette of colourful experiences are waiting for you.

The seminar house Herzberg is responsible for your accomodation (Adrain Bühler, 0041 62 878 16 46). There are various room catagories to chooses from, which please book directly here:
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Bea Rubli

Bea Rubli (Group 1)

“Spirituality and Mediumship”
Topics are are soon listed.

Bea Rubli is a mother of three children and has been working as an independent successful medium, psychic and healerfor more than twenty years. She leads groups for awareness development, mediumship and psychic ability.

For many years she has been giving seminars on awareness, thereby supporting people in their healing process.

Colin Bates

Colin Bates (Group 2)

“Where two worlds meet: an exploration of the natural Trance states and Trance Healing”
Understanding the naturalness of the unfolding process of mediumship can often be frustrating. In its simplest form, mediumship is the ability to become one with the spirit for a short while to become the voice of those who have moved into a different state of existence through that moment we call death. It is not an ending but a continuation of the journey. The spirit world is a world of light and mind where we continue to exist. During our time together we will be exploring many aspects of the natural trance states to include:
– the soul journey
– deepening the trance experience
– different kind of trance: communication, healing, writing and art
– trance and the relationship to physical mediumship
– understanding and creating the mystical experience
– exploring the power of prophecy and seership
– prayer and meditation
– etc.

Minister Colin Bates is one of the best-known spiritual mediums in England and has been teaching at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted for many years. His all-round success and popularity has spread to Europe and further afield, not least thanks to his warm-heartedness and humour.

Tim Abbott

Tim Abbott (Group 3)

“The depth of evidence in your Mediumship”
This course will bring you a greater understanding of your mediusmship and the spiritual tools/senses that we use within our mediumship. We will look at the following subjects:
– maximising all your senses
– understanding and experiencing the difference between information and evidence
– experiencing and deepening the evidence within your mediumship
– meditation and lots of exercises
– etc.

Tim Abbott comes from a spiritual family and grew up in a medial environment. He started to train his unusual gift when he was 19 at the Arthur Findlay College where he would later become a successful teacher himself. He currently teaches at various schools for mediumship and trance, runs his own centre in Staffordshire and has worked with some of the most famous mediums in England.

Today he also gives courses in Europe and especially values naturalness and the depth of evidence. With his modern and clearly structured style of teaching, Tim continues to inspire both amateur and experienced participants.



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