Mediumistic Assessment

A sensitive and mediumistic sitting allows you to gain a differentiated perspective of your life situation through life coaching or an assessment. Where am I now? What is important to me at the moment? What is my potential and how can I develop it? What is blocking me and why?

Circle Group

A sensitive and mediumistic circle is for people who are interested in spiritual matters, and wish to recognize and develop their own gifts. Personal and spiritual growth are central to this evening’s focus which should be approached with an open mind, devotion, patience, joy and humor.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can help people in many different – sometimes unexpected – ways. Healing may completely cure someone – or may not, but may instead help them to deal with the condition they have and to become more positive. It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better. Miraculous, instantaneous cures are rare – but not unknown, and we should always be open to this possibility.

Personal Training

You would like to find out about your mediumistic potential in a small setting? You have already taken courses and wish to deepen your knowledge in a personal training session? You prefer the personal context and would like to train your gift in this way?